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Be Safe - Shoot Safe at Wichita's Premier Shooting & Firearms Training Facility.

Featuring the only indoor 100 yard high powered rifle range located in the Great Plains.


It's hot outside and the wind is blowing. Must be Kansas. Really makes shooting that rifle an adventure. But in our rifle range there is no wind and the air conditioning is always on. Come check out the "cool" way to shoot.

If you were here over the winter, you know how busy we were. With all the other activities available, getting on the pistol range is much easier. Come by and stay in practice. Shooting is a skill that must be maintained.

As always, we keep adding new items and trading for interesting "experienced" guns. Got 2 cases of the Mosin Nagants in - all in great condition. Not being imported right now from Russia since they have decided again to revert to some of their old ways. Great accurate rifles for only $189.00. That bayonet on the end really makes a point. Got to have one!

My favorite new gun is the Bug-A-Salt fly killing system. Shoots table salt at those pesky critters and kills them dead. If you're looking for that interesting gift, this would be it. Might be a great Father's Day present. Shooting and grilling - what a combination.

We've added a bunch of new classes. You can sign up right here for them. Of special interest might be our new Advanced Concealed Carry Class. You've got that license, but now what. We'll teach you some other things you need to know if you are going to carry. You can sign up right here on this site.

As always, we really appreciate your interest and your business. Be Safe - Shoot Safe.