Bullseye Classes : Pistol Defense 1

Cost: $90.00

3 hour class
8 students minimum

Next Classes:
Saturday, August 22, 5:00pm
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Class Overview:
Bullseye's Basic Pistol Defense class is designed for the student that has had some exposure to the basics of pistol handling and would like to obtain more information and training on utilizing a pistol for personal protection. The ultimate goal of this class is for the student to build confidence and competence with the semi-auto handgun that they have chosen for personal defense.

The class will cover proper manipulation and malfunction clearing of semi-auto handguns as well as re-emphasize safety concepts. The student will also be exposed to some basic street smart concepts and shooting drills that are specific to self defense.


  1. Pre-requisite: Certificate or card of completion for NRA First Steps or NRA Basic Handgun safety class. NSSF First Shots class, verification of hunter safety class, or prior approval of instructor.
  2. Pre-requisite: Concealed Carry license
  3. Fundamental knowledge of handgun operation and shooting technique.
  4. The student will need to bring a modern, functional, compact or service size semi-auto handgun. (no sub-compacts or pocket guns like LC9,Shield, XDS etc.)
  5. A minimum of two magazines
  6. 10 dummy rounds in the caliber of the gun
  7. 100 rounds of ammunition
  8. Comfortable attire (no sandals or open toed shoes
  9. A sturdy belt and outside the waistband holster. If you have not decided on a holster type, the instructor will help identify one that meets your needs.

For more information contact INFANTRYBONN@hotmail.com.