Bullseye Classes : Tactical Precision Rifle

Age:18 and older or 13-17 with legal guardian

Cost: $115.00

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Class Overview:
Our basic Tactical Precision Rifle course is 1 ½ days long (1/2 day Saturday evening and full outdoor range day on Sunday) and is designed for shooters wanting to learn the dynamics of longer range tactical marksmanship for hunting applications and rural home defense. Students will learn about different types of weapon systems, shooting positions, range estimation, ballistics, marksmanship fundamentals, wind reading, shot placement and hunting tactics. After a classroom session, students will be separated into two-person shooter/spotter teams and the indoor range will be utilized for zeroing of the weapons. The outdoor range day will start with cold bore zeroing and will transition into precision rifle drills at distances ranging from 25 yards to 200 yards, with most shooting being done at 100 yards. Students will be instructed on how to engage prey/threats from varying positions, varying distances and under simulated stressful conditions in an array of team drills.

Note – while this is an intro course for precision rifle shooting, students should already know their weapon systems and be proficient in achieving accurate groups while displaying perfect firearms safety.

Required equipment:

  • Bolt Action or AR-series rifle and a magnified optic with adjustable turrets. Gun must be in good-working order and be capable of firing one MOA (1 inch groups at 100 yards / 2 inch groups at 200 yards). .308 and .223 calibers recommended but others can be used.
  • 150 rounds of precision (match) ammo. NO STEEL AMMO.
  • Bipod or some sort of other “rest” system such as a Grippod or sand bags.
  • Shooting mat.
  • Ear protection.
  • Clothing and other gear necessitated by class date’s weather.
  • Pen and Paper – or data book for shot and adjustment recording.